Mustard Oil, KTC-250 ml


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KTC Pure Mustard Oil

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KTC mustard oil is very hygienically prepared and introduced in the market for those customers, which remain in search of safe and healthy mustard oil. It is a ready to use item and customers can use it right after buying in any way they want. KTC mustard oil keeps all the healthy and nutrition contents, which are the specialty of mustard oil because this oil has been prepared and preserved by keeping in consideration, all the essential healthy food processing requisites.

  • It can be used for cooking purpose.
    It can be used in many dishes as an ingredient.
    It can be used as a food preservative material also and different kinds of pickles can be prepared and used for much longer period of time.
    It is widely used as a massaging oil at any part of the body and it keeps proven record of eliminating the muscle aching and joint pains.
    It possesses very beneficial effects against the causes, which become the reasons of hair fall.


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